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PHAN Statement on New Prescription Drug Reforms to be included in Build Back Better

November 3, 2021

HARRISBURG, PA – Yesterday, Senator Chuck Schumer announced that lawmakers have reached a compromise on prescription drug reform to be included in the Build Back Better package. Antoinette Kraus, Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Health Access Network, released the following statement in response:

“Yesterday’s announcement that lawmakers have reached a deal to include prescription drug reform in the Build Back Better plan means that the 1 in 2 Pennsylvanians who are struggling to afford life-saving medications can finally breathe a sigh of relief.

Americans pay three times more than people in other countries for their prescriptions, but the reforms announced yesterday will go a long way toward curbing the abuses that drug corporations have gotten away with for years.

Combined with measures announced last week that will lower health insurance premiums, expand coverage, and increase access to services for seniors and people with disabilities, the Build Back Better plan is an historic opportunity to increase access to affordable healthcare for millions. Lawmakers in Congress should pass the Build Back Better plan as soon as possible.

While we applaud Congress for taking steps to lower prescription drug prices, there is still work to do in Harrisburg to bring relief to all Pennsylvanians. Legislation has already been introduced in both chambers of the Pennsylvania General Assembly that, if passed, will be a game-changer for Pennsylvanians who are unable to afford their medications. Members of the PA General Assembly must move quickly to pass SB 579, HB 321, or HB 1722.”