Over the last ten years, Pennsylvania has made huge strides in getting more people health coverage.

But, health is much more than having an insurance card. 1 in every 2 Pennsylvanians still struggles to afford the care they need. Health disparities persist. And the programs Pennsylvanians rely on to keep them covered – like Medicaid- are often on the chopping block.

PHAN has over 10 years of experience bringing together people from across Pennsylvania to fight for better, more affordable, and more equitable healthcare, for all of us. We’ve fought– and won– to expand Medicaid, defend the Affordable Care Act, protect Western Pennsylvanians from being harmed by a conflict between two large hospital systems, and much more.

But we can’t do it without your help. Our stories and our voices are the most powerful tools we have to fight for our healthcare.

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Want to make your voice heard in Harrisburg when decisions are made that affect your community’s health? There’s power in numbers. The BeHeard Behealthy Pennsylvania project is a new way to weigh in on what you and your community really need to get and stay healthy through quarterly surveys that you can take by email or text.

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