Every day we are building stronger voices for better health.

PHAN is Pennsylvania’s only statewide consumer-driven organization working to expand and protect access to high-quality, equitable, affordable healthcare for all Pennsylvanians.

Since 2007, PHAN has brought together health care consumers and community organizations across the state to advocate for expanded access to health care in Pennsylvania. To achieve this, PHAN blends coalition-building and policy advocacy with our unique model of community health organizing that focuses on supporting and empowering consumers to get the treatment they need and become advocates for better healthcare in their local communities and statewide.

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Our Impact

As advocates for expanded access to healthcare, PHAN has a long history of successful campaigns, including expanding Medicaid in Pennsylvania; protecting seniors’ access to care in Western PA; mobilizing Pennsylvanians to defend the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid, and CHIP; and building a group of housing and health advocates to push for needed housing services available through Medicaid.

PHAN impacts individuals by giving them the tools and confidence to navigate the healthcare system, leading to increased continuity of coverage and ultimately, better health outcomes. Over the past five years, PHAN has enrolled over 9,500 Pennsylvanians in healthcare coverage and fielded tens of thousands more questions about health coverage that come in through our toll-free health insurance helpline. Beyond this, PHAN works to ensure that those we have enrolled understand their benefits, know how to access them, and ultimately are empowered to get the care they need.

Our Approach

HELP: We work directly to get people enrolled in health insurance, help them use and understand their coverage, and troubleshoot problems, serving over 10,000 Pennsylvanians annually.

LISTEN: We gather the experiences of people who are impacted by proposed or current policies through community conversations held by local organizers in communities throughout our state.

ANALYZE: We combine community-identified needs, issues, and concerns with relevant data and national models to develop policy positions and recommendations that drive our advocacy work.

EDUCATE: We educate both stakeholders and communities about health policy, helping them to understand what’s at stake and ensuring they have the information to be a part of the public dialogue.

ADVOCATE: We bring together diverse coalitions of stakeholders and communities – both rural and urban – throughout our state to win lasting policy change.

We Can’t Do it Without You!

PHAN’s work would not be possible without volunteers and partner organizations.

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