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An Introduction to the Medical Assistance Transportation Program

February 19, 2020

What is the Medical Assistance Transportation Program?

Pennsylvania provides free transportation for medically necessary appointments on behalf of individuals who qualify for Medical Assistance. The Medical Assistance Transportation Program makes transportation to appointments more accessible for all eligible people. Appointments can include visits to:

  • a primary care doctor
  • a specialist
  • a dentist
  • a mental health provider
  • a hospital for lab-work
  • a pharmacy

MATP can be a great method to ensure people do not miss their medical appointments and get regular treatment as needed.

Who benefits from this program?

MATP functions in various ways and it often depends on where the person lives, where their destination is, and what transportation-related resources are available. In some cases, MATP pays for bus and train passes or tickets. For persons with more complex health needs or who live in more remote areas, shared-ride vehicles are an option. For others who own a vehicle, gas mileage is sometimes reimbursed.

For persons who also receive long-term services & supports, they could qualify for non-medical transportation for trips to the grocery store, religious meetings, or other places as well.

The enrollment process

The first step to receive Medicaid Transportation is to contact the local program to register. Each local program is managed by the county. Some counties contract with local providers and agencies, whereas others administer the program directly. In some cases, the counties use a combination of both or even contract with a major broker.

Thus, you must contact the program for the county you live in to enroll. Phone numbers for each county program are found here.

Medicaid Transportation improvements

Currently, the state of Pennsylvania is closely monitoring the way MATP works and considering changes to the way it is administered. This means that people served by Medicaid Transportation have an opportunity to voice concerns about their local program and ask questions. It also allows us to collectively push for greater accountability, access and utilization, and transparency.

We welcome you to connect with PHAN as we continue to advocate for improved medical transportation access. If you have used MATP in the past or are newly enrolled, we encourage you to fill out our petition to protect Medicaid transportation.