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Will Governor Corbett's Insurance Commissioner Continue to Rubber Stamp Rate Hikes?

August 3, 2012

It’s deja-vu, all over again!

It was this same time last year when we learned that Highmark, less than 6 months after cutting their funding for adultBasic were planning to put the screws to former adultBasic subscribers by raising the rates on Special Care. Special Care was the plan Governor Corbett said would be just fine for those who lost adultBasic, even though it cost 4 times more and gave folks just 4 doctor’s visits a year! Now, they’re at it again — seeking another round of rate hikes this year!

Last year, you jumped into action — taking the fight to the insurance giant’s door, signing petitions and calling legislators and the Governor. And because of your work — we beat that rate hike back! Highmark dropped their requested rate increase on Special Care by 4% and when the other Blue Cross companies in PA sought to raise their Special Care rates, they asked for smaller increases than in previous years. 

This shows our power, and the power we could have right now to stop skrocketing health insurance costs. It also shows that these insurance companies are counting on us to give up. To stop paying attention, to stop signing petitions, and to give them a free pass to raise our rates every year.  

Are you going to give up? 

Our Insurance Commissioner, Michael Consedine could call for a public hearing to let policyholders weigh in, voice their objections and get straight answers from insurance companies whenever they try to raise our rates. Our state laws demand that health insurance rates be “reasonable, not excessive, and not unfairly discriminatory” — and it’s time we made sure elected officials and appointed commissioners enforce those laws instead of acting as a rubber stamp for whatever the insurance industry wants. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette echoed that sentiment in an editorial yesterday, calling on Governor Corbett and the legislature to give the public their due and their chance to challenge these rate hikes.

Sign the petition, then click here to learn more about the easy steps we can take in Pennsylvania to get a process in place that gives all of us a real voice in keeping health insurance rates affordable. 

Are you on Special Care and affected by this rate hike? We need to hear from you!