PHAN’s Tuesday Night Policy Call Series offers clear, easily accessible information on the latest health policy issues affecting Pennsylvania families. They are open to everyone, and we do our best to begin at the 101 level before diving into the nitty-gritty.

Past calls are archived here, so you can listen anytime — on the ride to work, on the machine at the gym, or at home.

12/15 at 6:00PM: Bringing Patient-Centered Medical Homes to Medicaid in Pennsylvania

Providing patients with “medical home” is a way to encourage primary care to be delivered in a way that’s patient-centered, comprehensive, coordinated, and accessible. Patient Centered Medical Homes can be used to improve the quality and safety of care while lowering the cost per patient. Through House Bill 1655, the Pennsylvania Legislature established the Patient-Centered Medical Home Advisory Council, which is wrapping up discussions about how to encourage greater use of medical homes in Medicaid.

1/12 at 6:00PM: Mental and Behavioral Health Coverage in Marketplace Plans — What Has to Be Included and What To Do If It’s Not

Under the law, most health plans must offer coverage for mental health and substance use disorder treatment that is equitable to physical health benefits. This call will include tips on understanding your plans MH/BH benefits and submitting complaints to state regulators if your rights are being violated.

1/26 at 6:00PM: From Volume to Value (How States Are Innovating on Payment Reform)

Payment reform offers the opportunity to improve the quality of care patients receive while reducing the cost of providing it. This call will look at what individual states are doing to innovate and improve the quality of care patients receive inside the delivery system and discuss other policy and industry changes that can expedite the shift toward paying for value (healthier people) rather than volume (lots of things done that aren’t always helping people recover and stay well).