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The Trump Administration’s Latest Actions Mean We Need State Protections

March 29, 2019

Late Monday night, the Trump Administration filed a brief in the Texas v. Azar case supporting a Texas judge’s decision to overturn the entire Affordable Care Act when it had previously said only pre-existing condition protections were now unconstitutional.  This is an yet another escalation in the Administration’s continuing attempts to sabotage the law at every turn.

If the Courts were to overturn the entire law, our healthcare system would be thrown into chaos.  Tens of millions would lose their health coverage, and the many millions more Americans who rely on pre-existing condition protections, bans on lifetime limits, essential health benefits, and the other consumer protections in the ACA would lose those protections.  Here’s what would happen in Pennsylvania.

It has been clear from the beginning that the current Administration will never support the Affordable Care Act and will do everything in its power to undermine the law, and it’s only getting worse.

So what can Pennsylvanians worried about their healthcare do now?

While federal protections remain critical, they aren’t our only option.  Lawmakers in many states have begun to codify some of the most important ACA protections in state law.  In fact, 21 states have already adopted some or all of the three most critical ACA protections that protect people with pre-existing conditions.  Pennsylvania, however, has none.

There are already proposals that would protect Pennsylvanians with pre-existing conditions.  Introduced by Sen. Vincent Hughes, Senate Bill 50 would ban insurance companies from denying coverage over pre-existing conditions and Senate Bill 51 would require plans to offer the “essential health benefits.”

What can you do to push for these or similar proposals in our state legislature?

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Call your Representative and Senator in Harrisburg and let them know you want state lawmakers to take immediate action to protect Pennsylvanians with pre-existing condition as well as to ensure we don’t lose other ACA protections. If you aren’t sure who represents you in Harrisburg, you can find out here.
  2. Share your story.  Personal stories are the most powerful tools we have to show lawmakers how important these protections are to regular Pennsylvanians.  If you have a pre-existing condition, need expensive treatment, rely on having access to the “essential health benefits,” or use the ACA or Medicaid for coverage, share your story here, and we’ll be in touch.