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Tonya’s Story

December 21, 2016

In September 2015, a divorce left me suddenly single after a 33-year marriage, homeless, penniless, and without health insurance. I would have tried to find work if I could, but I have several disabilities that require consistent medical attention.

I immediately was faced with the question, “How am I going to survive and get medical coverage?” I didn’t know where to start. As I tried to sort through the various programs and options, each office just sent me to the next one. When you’re in distress, you just want answers.

Finding PHAN

It wasn’t until I connected with PHAN that I found the map. PHAN’s navigators & organizers encouraged me and helped me re-enroll in Medicaid and figure out how to get treatment for several ongoing dental issues – a huge relief.

PHAN really stands up for each person that reaches out to them for help. They don’t give you the runaround – they get things figured out.




Over the past year, PHAN has inspired me to get involved in advocacy efforts. I’ve gathered peoples’ stories in my own community, Adams County; gone to Harrisburg to talk to state legislators; and helped several women I met through a contact at the local women’s shelter learn about the healthcare options that were open to them. Because of PHAN, I felt confident that I had the information to help them and the courage to talk to people and find out what they need.

Donate Today

I knew from the moment that I found PHAN that these were people who were fighting for us and who understand that issues like access to healthcare are a matter of survival for many of us. Please consider supporting PHAN as they fight for us. Our lives depend on it.