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The 2020 Census: What YOU Need to Know to Get Counted!

February 19, 2020

Here’s a rundown of what you need to know to be counted in the 2020 Census:

What is the Census?

  1. The Census is a survey used to count every person  in the United States regardless of immigration status, race, religion, gender or sexual orientation.  It happens once every ten years.
  2. The census will ask you 9 basic questions about your household, such as who lives in your household, everyone’s age, race, gender and how everyone in the household is related to each other.
  3. The census will not ask you about your immigration status,  your bank account or credit card information, or any other personal information other than what is included in the 9 questions.

How does the census impact me?

The Census determines how billions of dollars of funding is distributed to support different programs our communities rely on like:

  • Healthcare programs like Medicaid and CHIP
  • Food Stamps & school lunches
  • Public Education & Head Start
  • Roads, Hospitals and Fire Departments

If everyone isn’t counted, it could mean Pennsylvania gets fewer funds for these critical needs.

The Census is also responsible for determining how many seats each state gets in the US House of Representatives. This is critical in ensuring that our communities are represented in the political process.

I’m ready to be counted!  When & how do I fill out the Census?

In March of 2020, you will receive an invitation in the mail with instructions for completing the Census. Most households will be asked to fill out the Census online, but you may receive a paper copy or directions for how to ask for one.

You can fill out the Census using any device that can access the internet, including your phone!

Census workers will visit households that have not completed the Census in May, June, & July to complete the census in person.  If you have already completed the Census, you won’t get an in-person visit.

If you or someone you know prefers to fill out the Census in a language other than English, language assistance will be available over the phone and online in 59 different languages.

If you have a disability that impacts your ability to fill the Census out online or by mail, you will receive instructions for how to respond by phone.

I have more questions about the 2020 Census.

As always, give us a call on our helpline at 877-570-3642, and we’ll point you in the right direction.

You can also take our pledge to be counted in the 2020 Census, and we’ll follow up to make sure you have everything you need!