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Raise your voice regarding proposed rate increases

July 23, 2016

Each year, health insurance companies offering small group and individual plans are required to submit the coming year’s proposed rates to the Pennsylvania Insurance Department. These rates must be reviewed and approved before plans can be sold to consumers. The Pennsylvania Insurance Department reviews rates to ensure that they are “appropriately” priced. Rate increases must be justified by the insurance company and reflective of estimated future costs including medical costs, prescription drug costs, and administrative expenses.


In order to conduct a transparent rate review process, the PA Insurance Department has publicly posted proposed rates online, invited consumers to submit public comments via email, and is holding a public informational hearing on proposed rates. This hearing is the first of its kind in Pennsylvania.


Sign PHAN’s rate review petition at


The hearing will take place from 9:30am until 4:00pm on Wednesday, July 27th.

Public Utility Commission Hearing Room #1

Keystone Building

400 North Street


The hearing will also be livestreamed beginning at 9:30 a.m.


This hearing will provide an opportunity for insurance companies to explain their rate increases, PA Insurance Department staff to discuss the rate review process, and consumers to voice their concerns regarding the real effects of rate increases. View the full agenda on the Pa Insurance Department’s website.


We thank Insurance Commissioner Miller for bringing more transparency to the rate review process and providing a platform for consumer voices within this process. We encourage the PA Insurance Department to conduct a vigorous review of proposed rates that seeks to find a balance between insurance companies’ financial solvency and people’s everyday lives.


PHAN believes that rate increases should be congruent with people’s budgets. The cost of insurance premiums should not be a barrier to care.


We urge consumers to act on Commissioner Miller’s invitation to speak up about rate increases! Public comments may be submitted to [email protected]


Please contact Melissa Knorr, Consumer Engagement Manager, at [email protected] or 412-254-3685 for assistance submitting public comments via email, or if you plan to attend the public hearing and would like to join PHAN staff.

For more information on proposed rate filings, please visit the PA Insurance Department’s website.