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Protect Medicare Access Project: Calling on UPMC Board to Protect Seniors’ Care

October 6, 2015

When PHAN first heard that UPMC was threatening to cut off more than 182,000 seniors with Highmark Medicare Advantage plans from in-network care, we decided to do what it could to help make sure seniors’ voices were heard.

We reached out to area seniors and were overwhelmed by the response: more than 5,000 messages to UPMC’s Board of Directors, asking UPMC to keep its promises to seniors, their families, and our community.

On Monday morning PHAN and six area seniors took those thousands of postcards to UPMC headquarters in downtown Pittsburgh to deliver them to the UPMC Board.

Though we hoped to discuss seniors’ concerns with UPMC leadership, we were met by security and told that nobody from UPMC was willing to accept our delivery. We were escorted out of the building.

Not willing to simply leave seniors’ messages to the Board in the plaza of the US Steel Building, we decided to entrust them to Mayor Bill Peduto. We shared our concerns with his staff and we read through senior’s messages together. Their solution is simple: UPMC should keep its promise to seniors and not use them as pawns in its business plan. It’s time to put people ahead of profits.