Erin Gabriel

March 1, 2023

Erin has been involved in disability and health care advocacy for nearly 15 years. While Erin’s first career was as a biologist, that quickly gave way to a necessary passion for policy and politics when her children were born. All three of her children have disabilities including her youngest who is medically complex with multiple disabilities. She knows firsthand just how impactful the policy decisions made at the federal, state and local levels were for kids like hers- in every area: health care, education, infrastructure. So she rolled up her sleeves and got involved advocating alongside other families and people with disabilities. She greatly values the guidance of adults with disabilities and the opportunity to learn from their expertise gained through lived experiences.

In the past, Erin has worked directly on legislation and advocacy with many Members of Congress and Senators, with coalitions working on legislation- coalitions which included disability rights organizations working alongside labor unions, and with incoming members of President Biden’s cabinet to ensure that they were educated on how health care and disability issues would be impacted by their policies. She is excited to work with PHAN advocating with legislators to ensure a more equitable, sustainable and accessible health care system for all our families.