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August 21, 2012

Have you heard? PHAN is kicking off a new policy call series focused exclusively on seniors! 

Medicare has been the foundation of middle-class security since President Lyndon Johnson signed it into law 47 years ago. It’s allowed millions of seniors to live with dignity and to rest assured that affordable care will be there when they need it. 

But Medicare has changed over the years. In the last decade, Congress added prescription benefits to Medicare and along with it – a “donut hole” gap in coverage, which has forced millions of seniors to absorb huge out-of-pocket costs for prescriptions. Congress also voted to allow private health insurance companies to offer Medicare benefits through new “Medicare Advantage” plans. 

These changes have resulted in more confusion, more headaches and more costs for seniors. That’s the bad news. 

The good news is that our new health care law, the Affordable Care Act (or Obamacare, as it’s more commonly known) helps put seniors back on solid ground by closing the donut hole, offering new preventive benefits, and reigning in insurance companies abuses to save seniors’ money and strengthen Medicare. 

Join us for the first in our “Senior Health” Call Series this Thursday at 3:00PM as we talk all things Medicare!

Over the coming weeks, we’ll look at issues like Medicare, Medicaid, long-term care, improving quality, and protecting vital health programs from threats like those contained in the Ryan Budget and other state and federal budget proposals. 

We’ll not only look at the policy aspects of senior health issues, but also the practical ones as well — things like: How do I know if I’ve gotten the new discount on prescription drugs in the donut hole? Should I consider a Medicare Advantage plan, and if so, which one? How can I get help paying for prescription drugs? And many more policy and practical topics… 

Our new Seniors’ Health Policy Call Series kicks off this Thursday, Aug. 23rd at 3:00PM with:

Medicare 101: RSVP Today!

We’ll look at what choices you have in how you receive your Medicare benefits, the differences between Traditional Medicare and Medicare Advantage (offered by private insurance companies), what the Affordable Care Act does to strengthen your benefits, and what resources are available in your community to help you make a good decision during enrollment time.

Don’t miss out!