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Health Reform 2.0: Transforming America’s Health Care System

September 2, 2015

In January of 2015, Families USA released an action plan with four key goals and 19 specific proposals to advance today’s health care in order to eliminate disparities in health care. These goals and proposals are meant to ignite a social advocacy movement, and with the recent highlights of King v Burwell and expanded Medicaid in Pennsylvania, now more than ever, we must push for continued improvement of our health care system.

In short, Health Reform 2.0 aims to improve health by securing health coverage for all and by creating a more equitable distribution of providers, to enhance the quality of care through a more patient-centered model of health care, and to reduce health care costs through transparency and reducing provider consolidations.

Families USA has broken down each of these individual goals into 19 specific proposals. To read these proposals, click here.

We have seen great strides in the improvement of health coverage over the past ten years, and we must take this momentum to build upon what is working and fix what’s not. The ACA is here to stay, and through our continued efforts, all Americans can have access to high quality affordable health coverage, regardless or income, age, race, or ethnicity.