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Lawmakers need to hear from you about important healthcare issues.

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We need you to participate in conversations with other people in your community.

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We represent consumers—insured, uninsured, under-insured—at the Pennsylvania Legislature, at state agencies, in the media, and in public forums. The health care industry, from insurers to drug companies to doctors and hospitals, are well-represented at the Capitol. PHAN ensures that health care consumers voices are heard by policy makers. Check out our Legislative updates center for legislation we are tracking and its impact on Pennsylvania consumers.

Legislator Look Up:

What is the best way to connect with your Legislator?

A personal visit to your elected official’s district office when they are home is the best way to make an impact. If you are not able to schedule a time to meet with your representative directly or the issue is urgent and time is short—visits with your Member’s staff can be just as effective. You can find your Representative here.

The next best thing to an in-person visit is a personal letter (can be handwritten or typed).

After a personal letter, a telephone call to the district office is the next most effective means of communication.

Email messages, especially those that tell your personal story and reasons for supporting a particular piece of legislation or issue, can also be very effective.
Form letters, form e-mails, and petitions also have an impact, but they tend to be less effective because they require less commitment on your part and are not personalized.

What is the best way to craft an
effective message?

First, identify yourself and your place of residence. Then briefly describe your reason for wanting to make contact.  Also, briefly describe why this is important to you.  If some personal experience shaped your view, briefly describe that experience.

Sometimes you will have a specific request, such as support for a particular policy or bill. Sometimes you will have only a general concern, such as the need for everyone to have access to affordable health care.  Either kind of message is useful to send.

Ask your legislator to describe his/her position on the matter you have brought to his/her attention.  Be polite and courteous even if your member does not agree with you.
Be concise.  Simple, clear letters, phone calls, and e-mails are the best.

Will my message make a difference?

It will be reported to your member by his/her staff. Some letters and e-mails are passed along for him/her to read. So yes, your message has the potential to make a difference.

If you are a regular voter (and that’s easy for your Legislator to find out), your messages will be given extra consideration.

To find your local Representative you can use our legislative lookup tool.