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Farewell PHAN Interns!

August 18, 2015

Best of Luck to DeShaun and Sabrina!

by Elizabeth Lurwick, Outreach and Enrollment Specialist

This summer PHAN had the wonderful pleasure of hosting not just one, but two talented interns: DeShaun Pickett, a rising junior at West Chester University;  and Sabrina Deutsch, a rising sophomore at the University of Michigan.

DeShaun majors in Political Science with a minor in Economics.  After graduation he plans to work and/or volunteer for political campaigns in order to gain more experience in political organizing.  DeShaun’s idea of a perfect job is to work as a policymaker so that he can express his ideas about how to improve the quality of life for low-income neighborhoods throughout his hometown of Philadelphia.  DeShaun loved being connected with consumers and helping folks get covered.  He said, “That’s the best part about working with PHAN; you have an opportunity to give back and impact a life in a positive way.” 

DeShaun isn’t all business all the time, though.  He loves fitness, sports and learning about different cultures.  He is also on West Chester’s track and field team and can see himself continuing competitive running after he graduates.

Sabrina plans to major in Biopsychology, Cognition and Neuroscience in hopes of attending medical school after graduation. She would like to work as a medical doctor with a concentration in women’s health care.   Before joining the PHAN staff as an intern, Sabrina interned with an obstetrics/gynecology and urogynecology specialist. The doctor’s office was located in an underserved area where the high school graduation rate is barely above fifty percent, and the neighborhood is riddled with crime. During this time Sabrina witnessed a lot of women paying for health services out-of-pocket due to a lack of insurance. This is what inspired Sabrina to learn more about the health care system and the barriers women face to obtaining coverage and accessing care. “I have been engrained with a drive for community action and social change,” said Sabrina.  

Outside of the health world, Sabrina has a passion for creative writing.  She believes that writing helps her escape whenever she starts to feel overwhelmed.   In addition, she belongs to numerous volunteer organizations and an outdoor expedition club at the University of Michigan.  She believes that being outdoors and staying active are both very important.

Although PHAN is sad to see our two great summer additions leave us, we are also very excited to see where they both go in the future! Even though DeShaun and Sabrina come from different academic backgrounds, they both seemed to have similar experiences at PHAN that will help both of them continue towards their life goals. Good luck DeShaun and Sabrina!


Elizabeth Lurwick is an Outreach and Enrollment Specialist at PHAN.