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Discharge Resolution Supporting Medicaid Expansion Moves in House

May 7, 2014

HARRISBURG — Today, Pennsylvania House Representative Pam DeLissio (D-194) issued her intent to bring forth a discharge resolution which would bring House Bill 897, out of the Health Committee and onto the floor. 

Antoinette Kraus, Director of the Pennsylvania Health Access Network made the following statement: 

“We applaud the efforts in the House to bring health insurance to hundreds of thousands of uninsured Pennsylvanians that have been denied access to care. It is time now for Governor Corbett to follow suit and bring real Medicaid Expansion to Pennsylvania. 

Governor Corbett’s “Healthy PA” plan forces through unnecessary, dangerous cuts that will hurt seniors, people with disabilities, and pregnant women who currently rely on Medicaid coverage. “Healthy PA” will not only cut vital services our most vulnerable Pennsylvanians depend on, it also comes at a greater cost to taxpayers than accepting the Medicaid Expansion opportunity offered by the Affordable Care Act.

While states all around us are taking advantage of new federal Medicaid dollars available under the law to increase access to health care this year, Pennsylvania continues to block the economic and health benefits of expanding coverage by continuing to advance “Healthy PA,” a complicated and complex plan that delays health care access for a year to over 500,000 working moms and dads, veterans, and others.

Governor Corbett’s proposal not only jeopardizes their health but also leaves millions of dollars in budget savings and revenue on the table this year. This year, Pennsylvania is losing 4.7 million dollars a day by its failure to accept Medicaid Expansion. Accepting federal Medicaid dollars right away will not only help protect hundreds of thousands of low-income Pennsylvanians, it will also generate $522 million in state budget savings at a time when Pennsylvania is facing a 1 billion dollar budget deficit.”