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Corbett Says NO to 700,000 Pennsylvanians. WE SAY YES! Act now to bring coverage and jobs to PA!

February 5, 2013

Governor Corbett announced he’s “not recommending” Pennsylvania accept our funds.

As part of the new health care law, Pennsylvania can accept billions in federal funding to offer health coverage to 700,000 working adults. 

Accepting the money is the commonsense thing to do. We can cover more people AND save taxpayers millions of dollars that get spent on emergency room care for the uninsured.

Help make sure the legislature doesn’t make the same tragic mistake Corbett did. Join us in Harrisburg, February 12th!

Faith leaders, community activists, civil rights leaders, health care advocates and more will join together for a special briefing, group visits with lawmakers, and a major campaign kick-off event.

Register today for the bus leaving from Philadelphia at 7:00.

Register today for the bus leaving from Pittsburgh at 7:00.

Want to meet us in Harrisburg? Sign-up to be part of the group that drops-in to lawmakers. Or just let us know you’re coming to the 1:00 event.

Ready to take action today?

Make a big difference in this fight by picking up your phone today. Call your State Legislator (Not your Congressman or US Senator) and tell them you want to see Pennsylvania accept billions in federal funding to expand healthcare coverage to 700,000 more people.

Click here to get the number and then leave a quick message saying that Pennsylvania should accept federal funds available to us to extend Medicaid to 700,000 people — and that ee should not be sending that money back. Then, let us know you called!

Taking the time to do that really does make a big difference. Two things move these folks: money and votes. We’re not going to win on the money end, but we can show our power and let them know how important this issue is to voters. 

Finally, if you haven’t yet signed our petition telling Corbett and the legislature to take the deal, click here to do so now.

Thanks for making a difference!