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We’re Building a Senior Advocacy Army to Fight for Better Long-Term Care

September 6, 2017

Earlier this summer, we asked seniors about their experience getting the health care and long-term services they need to stay healthy, live well, and remain in their homes. What we heard wasn’t good:

“Sometimes it feels like we’re forgotten, irrelevant, and just disposable. I’m exhausted all the time.”

“Our health care system is great, unless you stumble… if you find yourself in a hole, instead of people and the system sending you down a ladder to climb out, they just keep sending shovels to dig yourself in deeper.”

“Caregivers with their own health care needs are often neglected because all their time is devoted to the patient. An hourly respite service so the caregiver can go to medical appointments, or even get a hair cut, would make the caregiver’s life easier.”

Take the pledge to make our health care system work better for seniors:

Solving these problems together starts with helping policymakers understand the reality of where our health care delivery system is failing seniors and where it needs to do more to address the needs people have outside the doctor’s office — like getting to the grocery store, keeping the home clean and safe, preparing healthy meals, and being able to stay active and connected in the community.

Seniors deserve choice and control, not confusion and complexity.

We’re rolling up our sleeves to dig in and get busy transforming the way our health care system works for seniors — from the ground up, right here in PA — starting with long-term care.

Take the pledge to make senior voices heard and find out how you can help

We need your ideas, your perspective, and most of all, your voice! Get started now.