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With Bipartisan Senate Vote, Medicaid Expansion Victory in Sight

July 1, 2013

1 more vote and we WIN Medicaid Expansion!

CALL YOUR REP. and tell them to VOTE YES on Medicaid Expansion (House Bill 1075). 

We’ve fought hard, and it’s paid off! Last night, the Pennsylvania Senate moved — in a 40 to 10 bipartisan vote — to advance Medicaid Expansion by amending the welfare code in House Bill 1075.

That means it needs one more vote, and then we can move forward to cover more than 500,000 working Pennsylvanians, create 40,000 new jobs, and save taxpayers billions of dollars over the next decade.

A small faction in the House is threatening to strip Medicaid Expansion out of the bill the Senate passed, and block it from getting a vote. YOU can stop them, by contacting your Representative one more time.

After you do that, don’t forget to thank the Senators who voted to support Medicaid Expansion!