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Announcing PHAN’s New Logo and Website: A Community Call to Action

July 18, 2016

You might have noticed that the Pennsylvania Health Access Network recently added a new logo and tagline.While the fight for access to coverage is not completely won, Pennsylvania made significant gains. PHAN continues to stand with those groups that lack full or partial access to coverage. PHAN also knows that the long-term sustainability of expanded coverage demands a shift toward the “Triple Aim” of lower costs, better care, and improved outcomes. Eight years of grassroots, community-based work reinforces that consumers and the organizations representing them are most effective united. Embracing our state’s diversity and focusing on rural and underserved communities, PHAN brings local concerns and action together with those of other communities to demonstrate that while differences exist, Pennsylvanians want to build a culture of health in their state.

The consumer experience is the center of our work. Through connections with everyday people we make lasting change. Our new logo  is a community call to action. When families and individuals share their experiences in accessing the care they need, we gain momentum in the effort to improve health care for all Pennsylvanians. Stories will often drive the narrative better than statistics. While it is easy to dismiss a single story in isolation, many stories from all parts of the state have collective power. Our work at PHAN is to empower individuals to tell their stories, to become leaders and to take collective action. In bringing together their voices we  highlight disparities, improve health equity, and protect populations with unmet health needs. Connected and engaged, coalitions of consumers, advocates, and organizations realize better health for all. PHAN’s key priority is simple: strengthen those voices. We hope that you will spend time on our new website and are inspired by our new logo and tagline.