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About Us

As the state’s leading consumer driven organization. PHAN is focused on making our health care system more affordable and accessible for all Pennsylvanians. PHAN works to expand access to and improve the quality of the Commonwealth’s health coverage options. Since 2007, PHAN has brought consumer voices into discussions of health equity, reaching vulnerable populations in rural and underserved communities.

We train and educate consumers, advocates, providers and organizations on health policy issues, social determinants of health, provide technical assistance to build enrollment capacity and help uninsured Pennsylvanians enroll in coverage through the marketplace, Medicaid and CHIP.


Our work has always been driven by these core principles:

  • Access to quality health care for all
  • Access to affordable health care for all
  • Effective oversight to keep health care and premium costs reasonable
  • Protecting existing health programs including Medicare and Medicaid
  • Everyone benefits from a healthy community

Moving forward, PHAN’s focus will move to the next generation of health reform: cost, quality, and value.

  • Care coordination as a way to improve health outcomes, reduce costs, and protect patients
  • Addressing the social determinants of health (the environment in which a patient lives that either supports or detracts from their ability to maintain optimal health) so that all Pennsylvanians can live, healthy quality lives. This include safe, stable, affordable housing
  • Bringing down premiums and out of pocket costs
  • Helping Pennsylvanians with substance use disorders achieve long term recovery by expanding services, increasing access to treatment across the care continuum and encouraging a larger focus on prevention, early intervention programs and diversion programs
  • Reducing health disparities and improving the health of whole communities
  • Helping the uninsured understand how to use their health insurance and the value of being a pro-active patient

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Our Impact

What are some of the things we’ve done?

Educated nearly 50,000 consumers which is more people than live in Harrisburg.

Enrolled more than 5,000 people in health coverage across the state.

Saved Western PA families thousands of dollars by pushing back against a huge rate increase.

Brought together 5,000 seniors to ensure they have a choice of doctors in their private Medicare plans.

Led the Cover the Commonwealth campaign of 136 organizations that won Medicaid Expansion.

Our Approach

How do we do it? We work to highlight and develop policies that support health and health care in Pennsylvania. We advocate for those policies publically and behind the scenes. We educate consumers, advocates, and other stakeholders about those policies, and we engage consumers in this work, by connecting them to coverage, supporting them as they use coverage, and empowering them to speak up about what matters to them.






The consumer experience is the center of our work. Through consumer connections, we are able to make lasting change. Connected and engaged, coalitions of consumers, advocates, and organizations realize better health for all. Our mission is simple: strengthen those voices. Our consumer engagement model is driven by what we call “community health organizers,” embedded in local communities to serve three previously distinct, yet complementary and necessary functions:

Community Health Organizers


A navigator’s technical knowledge related to enrolling consumers in coverage and supporting them in coverage through tax-related issues and understanding insurance and billing.


A community health worker’s skills related to community outreach and education targeted at improving the quality of health outcomes and using evidence-based practices to engage specific behaviors.


An organizer’s ability related to engage the community on key health issues and help individuals share their experiences in a way that allows others see important aspects of the community.

We’re working to lower health care costs and improve patient care and outcomes through our full-circle consumer engagement model of:

Enrollment Support

Ensuring the consumers have easy and streamlined enrollment experiences is an important step. We track how consumers move through the process to identify improvements or issues.

Coverage Maintenance

Consumers need to remain covered. The re-enrollment and tax reconciliation process have proven to be challenging to consumers, who need additional support.

Care Utilization

Being covered is only the first step. Helping consumers understand their coverage and actually use it to better their health is critical. Without prompting, consumers often underutilize care.

Community Needs & Barriers

As consumers utilize care, often they experience unanticipated issues. A resource is needed to help consumers, while identifying community patterns and linking together consumer cases.

What is our end goal? Healthier communities through patient activation.