Uninsured Adults by PA County

Based on data collected in late 2007 and early 2008 by Market Decisions LLC, the Pennsylvania Insurance Department has estimated the number of uninsured adults in each county.

Statewide, the Department concluded Pennsylvania had 883,000 uninsured adults ages 18-64. In Union County, over 23 percent of such adults were uninsured. This was the highest uninsured rate in the state. In seventeen counties, over 15 percent of adults in the 18-64 age group lacked health insurance.

Read a PHAN briefing paper on the Insurance Department study.

Due to the severe recession, the number uninsured has increased since the survey was completed in May, 2008. PHAN estimates that 44,000 additional working-age adults become uninsured with each one point increase in the unemployment rate.

To find data related to your place of residence, go to county-by-county estimates derived from the 2007-08 survey.