Find events and resources in your community to learn about the new health care law and get covered!
Our health care system is big, complex and tough to navigate. Let us help! Whatever your question or situation is, we'll try to answer it and connect you with...
Join PHAN's Healthy Main Streets Project to advocate for the tools and protections small business owners need to find high-quality, affordable health coverage.
Can you separate fact from fiction when it comes to the new health care law? Find out! Learn the basics here. 
The Affordable Care Act gives us better choices and more affordable prices. Get help locally finding a plan that covers what your family needs and fits your...


Last year, with your help, PHAN educated over 25,986  Pennsylvanians on the Affordable Care Act through 648 education and outreach events. We enrolled more than 784 people in quality affordable health insurance in nearly half the counties in Pennsylvania. That was during a year when we had just 3 staff people, no federal navigator funding, no Medicaid Expansion, and all the tech challenges that come with the rollout of a major new law. 

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