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Pennsylvanians Still Await SCOTUS Decision in King v Burwell

By Emily A. Eckert, Community Health Organizer

Another day has passed without a ruling from the Supreme Court of the United States on the landmark health reform challenge King v Burwell. The Court, which heard oral arguments for and against the use of tax credits in states with Federal Marketplaces on March 4, 2015, has yet to issue opinions and come to a vote. 

By Emily A. Eckert, Community Health Organizer 

The Supreme Court’s decision in King v Burwell, the case challenging the reach of Marketplace premium tax credits, will have a detrimental impact on hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvanians.

SelectPlan for Women, the Commonwealth’s family planning program historically offered to women ages 18-44 earning up to 185% of poverty, is about to experience some major upgrades.

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