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Expanding Medicaid will boost local economies, grow jobs, and cover 500,000 Pennsylvanians. It's a win-win for our state. But will we do it?


Medicaid Expansion Delay Keeps the Doctor Away for Workers

Today, PHAN and Families USA released a report confirming that the majority of Pennsylvanians who would gain coverage under Medicaid Expansion are working -- mostly in the food service industry, retail sales, and office and administrative support.

Ben Nassau: Good News Everyone

Let’s not bury the lede this time: Earlier this morning, the Department of Public Welfare Secretary Bev Mackereth announced that they no longer plan to end the Medical Assistance for Workers with Disabilities program. This is huge. The program, which was going to vanish January 1, 2015, covers over 34,000 Pennsylvanian workers with disabilities. It allows people with disabilities to work without fear of losing their coverage, and that coverage provides critical services and support they need remain in the community. It also helps provide secondary coverage to low-income people on Medicare.


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