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By joining PHAN, you express your support for the four principles that guide PHAN and endorse PHAN’s efforts to enact legislation that is true to those principles. You also authorize PHAN to tell policymakers and members of the public that you are a member of PHAN.

PHAN Principles

The Pennsylvania Health Access Network works to raise public support for health system reforms that will make quality health care available to all. Here are the core principles that guide PHAN's advocacy efforts:

    1. Access to quality health care for all Pennsylvanians;

    2. Affordable, quality health insurance for all Pennsylvanians;

    3. Effective government oversight to keep health care and health insurance premiums reasonably priced; and

    4. Shared responsibility for health system costs among individuals, employers and the government.

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health insurance

This is my main concern since adult basic was dropped and now highmark wants to raise the rates of their special care, how much worse does it get?  this raise should not be granted.  i wish this were grounds for impeachment.