Medicare Part D

Tuesday Night Policy Call Series: Feb. 5th Recap -- Budget Updates and Rx Savings with Margarida Jorge

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Calls happen every other Tuesday night, from 6:00 - 7:00pm, and after each call, we’ll post a recap right here on our blog.

Another day, another round of lies about Obamacare and Medicare

As the November election nears, opponents of the Affordable Care Act are ratcheting up the rhetoric and resorting to new lows in an effort to divert attention away from Paul Ryan’s plan for Medicare and Medicaid. With Ryan now on the presidential ticket, his budget proposal, which passed in the U.S. House in 2011 and earlier this year is getting renewed scrutiny and rightful questions about the impact his plan to privatize Medicare and slash funding for Medicaid would have on America’s seniors. 

A Message From Our Intern

This Post Was Composed by A PHAN Intern, Khadija Hudson:

While waiting in line to pay for prescription medication last August, I was briefly chatting with this petite elderly woman in front of me. She had shoulder length silver hair, a frail frame, beautiful lightly tanned skin and was roughly around 70-75 years old. S he had one of those sweet and caring voices that made me reminisce of my younger years of spending countless time with my nana.

Medicare Part D needlessly expensive and complex

"Congress should revisit the Medicare Part D drug plan next year and recraft it in the public interest rather than insurers' interests," write the editors of the Scranton Times-Tribune in its November 19th edition.

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