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Another day, another round of lies about Obamacare and Medicare

As the November election nears, opponents of the Affordable Care Act are ratcheting up the rhetoric and resorting to new lows in an effort to divert attention away from Paul Ryan’s plan for Medicare and Medicaid. With Ryan now on the presidential ticket, his budget proposal, which passed in the U.S. House in 2011 and earlier this year is getting renewed scrutiny and rightful questions about the impact his plan to privatize Medicare and slash funding for Medicaid would have on America’s seniors. 

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–> Breaking Through: How to Take On Opponents' Lies & Build Lasting Support for the Affordable Care Act

"Death panels! $500B cut from Medicare! Obamacare is a government takeover of health care! Obamacare is the biggest tax increase in history!" Let's be real. We've heard these lies and smears before -- many times, on our TVs, on the radio, from friends at the supermarket, and even at church. 

Opponents of the Affordable Care Act (or Obamacare, because Hey, he does care!) spent hundreds of millions of dollars to spread misinformation about the law to scare, divide and poision folks to the idea of reform.

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Affordable Care Act Here to Stay, Time to Move Forward in PA!

Supreme Court: Affordable Care Act Here to Stay

Earlier today, the Supreme Court announced their decision to uphold the entire health care law.

This landmark law expands coverage to more than 30 million people and eliminates the worst insurance company abuses for those of us with coverage.

The constitutional debate is over. It's time for the Pennsylvania General Assembly to stop stalling and start making these historic reforms real for us. 

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Dear SCOTUS, We Won't Go Back! Statewide Rallies to Protect Our Health in PA!

(Get ready! We'll be meeting outside Governor Corbett's office at 12:00PM the day after the Supreme Court rules to let state lawmakers know it's time to stop playing politics with our health and move forward!)

Governor Corbett helped move the lawsuit before the Supreme Court, by signing on with 25 other states to overturn the Affordable Care Act when he was Attorney General. As Governor, he's tasked with overseeing its implementation in Pennsylvania. That's why he needs to hear from all of us -- regardless of what the Court decides.

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