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Importance of Early Childhood Health in the PA Budget

By Emily A. Satifka

Spotlight on Pennsylvania's Nursing Homes: Improving Quality, Protecting Care

We all have a stake in making sure Pennsylvania's nursing homes are doing right by our loved ones and the workers who care for them. That's why PHAN is supporting new measures being discussed in Harrisburg to:

Highlights from Harrisburg: A Successful Start to the Cover the Commonwealth Campaign!

Earlier this afternoon, health care advocates stood shoulder to shoulder with physicians, providers, lawmakers and faith leaders to press forward in the campaign to bring jobs and coverage to Pennsylvania through the Medicaid expansion.

We're on our way to Harrisburg to bring home jobs and health care coverage to Pennsylvania!

As we speak, over 150 advocates are on their way to the Capitol to tell lawmakers it’s time to take the money to Cover the Commonwealth, and bring jobs and health care coverage to Pennsylvania families. 

Oppose SB10! Protect the Affordable Care Act in PA!

On Wednesday, March 7th at 9:30am the Senate Banking and Insurance Committee will hold a hearing consider a bill (Senate Bill 10) by Senator Joe Scarnati (R-25) that would amend the Pennsylvania Constitution in at attempt to block implementation of the Affordable Care Act and continue to undermine public support for the law in our state. 

Pennsylvania Moving Forward on Insurance Marketplace; Industry Working to Influence Lawmakers to Do the "Bare Minimum"

In an email today, the Pennsylvania Insurance Department announced it’s intent to move forward on establishing a health insurance marketplace in PA. The Department has applied for funding from the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to complete the planning and begin designing a new health insurance marketplace (an “exchange”) that needs to be open for business on January 1, 2014. 

Senate Bill Gives Health Insurers More Leeway to Raise Rates

Yesterday the Pennsylvania Senate voted on Senate Bill 1336. PHAN released the following statement immediately following the vote.

Senate Bill Gives Health Insurers More Leeway to Raise Rates

HARRISBURG, PA (December 7, 2011) - Antoinette Kraus, project director of the Pennsylvania Health Access Network (PHAN), issued a statement on the Pennsylvania Senate's passage of SB 1336:

Guest Post: PHAN Launches "Health on the Horizon" Story Project to Show Importance of, Need for Affordable Care Act

Greetings PHAN members! My name is Holly Dolan, and I am working with the PHAN "Messaging Committee" on a project called Health on the Horizon. The purpose of this project is to take control of the framing of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and ensure its successful implementation in Pennsylvania.

PA Budget, Tobacco Funds and the Latest on Restoring adultBasic

On June 16, 2011, 55 organizations, including PHAN, signed on to a letter to Pennsylvania state lawmakers urging them to preserve the state's Tobacco Settlement Fund for health care purposes.

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