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Getting Covered Under the Affordable Care Act: How It Works

The next Open Enrollment Period begins November 15, 2014 and lasts through February 15, 2015. Also, new this year, Healthy PA Medicaid Expansion enrollment begins December 1st! Find your income on the graphic below to see what you may be eliglble for. Then, call PHAN's enrollment specialists to get one-on-one help signing up. Call us at 1-877-570-3642.

Get Ready for a Break on Health Care Costs:

It's going to be a new day for health care on January 1st, 2014. No more denials for pre-existing conditions. No more getting charged more because you happen to be a woman. And no more financial ruin over health care costs -- thanks, in part to new tax credits under the Affordable Care Act for working and middle-class families to afford coverage. 

Highlights from Harrisburg: A Successful Start to the Cover the Commonwealth Campaign!

Earlier this afternoon, health care advocates stood shoulder to shoulder with physicians, providers, lawmakers and faith leaders to press forward in the campaign to bring jobs and coverage to Pennsylvania through the Medicaid expansion.

We're on our way to Harrisburg to bring home jobs and health care coverage to Pennsylvania!

As we speak, over 150 advocates are on their way to the Capitol to tell lawmakers it’s time to take the money to Cover the Commonwealth, and bring jobs and health care coverage to Pennsylvania families. 

Medicaid Expansion


A Huge Opportunity for Pennsylvania Families, Businesses & Hospitals 

Taking advantage of this unparalleled opportunity would allow Pennsylvania to bring health coverage to 500,000 -- 700,000 residents, lowering our uninsured rate by over 50%.

Cut Drug Costs, Not Benefits: A Roadmap for Responsible Savings in Federal Health Care Programs

A temporary repreive from automatic, across-the-board cuts. Potential standoffs in Washington around raising the nation's debt limit and funding operations for the federal government. A faction in Congress that's determined to extract painful cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security in return for any action to allow the nation to pay its bills and grow the economy.

What does this all mean for us, as advocates for Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security?

Keeping Our Promise on Grandparents Day

This Grandparents Day, lets honor our loved ones and the lessons they taught us by doubling-down on our fight to protect Medicare and Medicaid. 

Grandparents Day is a time to spend time with our loved ones and remember the lessons they taught us. I'm thinking a lot about my Grandpa, Charlie Byler (aka Poppy) today.

Supreme Challenge: What Will the Court Decide?

Last week, thousands of people swarmed the steps of the Supreme Court to demonstrate support for the Affordable Care Act and highlight the many benefits and protections that we’ll all lose if the law is overturned. Among them were two of PHAN’s best activists, artist Theresa BrownGold and health educator Holly Dolan. 

Keep Pennsylvania Covered Quilt Showcases Public's Support for Medicare, Medicaid

The Pennsylvania Health Access Network stood with local seniors, persons with disabilities and advocates at Senator Toomey’s office on Monday, Nov. 21st, to showcase public support for Medicare and Medicaid on the day the Congressional Super Committee announced it was unable to reach agreement on a plan to reduce the nation’s deficit by $1.2 trillion.

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