Tuesday Night Policy Call Series: April 3rd Edition -- Women's Health and the Affordable Care Act with Audrey Ross

Tonight's call was all about women's health: what the Affordable Care Act does to expand and improve care, and what some national and state lawmakers are doing to restrict certain benefits. We were joined by Audrey Ross, government and media relations coordinator for Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania, where she coordinates online advocacy and media outreach, along with executing lobbying activities in the 4-county region of southeastern Pennsylvania.

Help is at Hand… 896,000 Pennsylvanian’s Will Receive Tax Credits to Help Them Buy Health Insurance in 2014

Families USA, a national health consumer organization, released a report today, “Help is at Hand: New Health Insurance Tax Credits in Pennsylvania”. The report finds that beginning in 2014, approximately 896,000 Pennsylvanian’s will be eligible for new premium tax credits.

Springing Into Action to Protect Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security this First Day of Spring

Advocates Use First Day of Spring to Protest Rep. Keith Rothfus’ Support for Ryan Budget, Austerity Cuts that Will Kill Economic Growth, Endanger Medicare and Medicaid

Local Group Pushes Budget Savings by Closing Corporate Tax Loopholes, Allowing Negotiation for Drug Prices in Medicare

Federally Facilitated Exchanges explained on PHAN's latest Tuesday Night Call

Claire McAndrew, Senior Health Policy Analyst for Families USA, joined our call tonight to talk to us about the Federally Facilitated Exchange (FFE). Pennsylvania has opted out of running and designing our own health care marketplace and has opted instead to default to the federal model, the FFE.

Problems Plaguing PA's Nursing Home Industry and the Proposals to Correct Them

Dennis Short, Research Director for SEIU Healthcare PA, joined PHAN's Tuesday Night Policy Call Series to talk about the problems plaguing the nursing home industry and the exciting proposals moving through Harrisburg to address them. 

The state of the nursing home industry in Pennsylvania: