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Hundreds of people are traveling to Pennsylvania's Capitol today. We expect anywhere from 500-1,000. 

The federal government is offering Pennsylvania $43 billion to help 700,000 people get access to health care.

We know this unprecedented deal is a huge economic win for Pennsylvania. But that's not why we need Governor Corbett and lawmakers to act now. 700,000 lives are on the line.

Employers and the Affordable Care Act

Cherly Fish-Parcham, Deputy Director of Health Policy at Families USA, joined PHAN for a webinar on Employers and the Affordable Care Act.

Participants benefited from a thorough overview of the tax credits, including the value of the credit, for how many years they are available, and what types of businesses are eligible for them. In addition to credits, she listed off resources for participants (see below), discussed the responsibilities of large employers, what the SHOP exchange will look like, and MORE.

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Economic Impact of Expanding Medicaid in Pennsylvania

Tonight for our Tuesday Night Policy Call Series we decided to change it up and do a webinar instead of our traditional conference call. Ann Torregrossa, Executive Director of Health Funders Collaborative, joined us to present on the economic impact of the Medicaid expansion as determined by three different, recent studies.

Enrolling Pennsylvania..

Last night's Tuesday Night Policy Call featured Jessica Kendall of Enroll America and Beth Heeb, Executive Director of Consumer Health Coalition who discussed how advocates and community organizations can be helping Pennsylvania to prepare for The Big Day.