The Primary Care Solution

"President Obama has pledged that reform must produce both universal coverage and major cost savings," writes Dr. Thomas J. Gates of Lancaster. "Understandably, we are skeptical." How can covering more people not drive up health care costs? By emphasizing primary care much more than we do now. "Without exception," says Gates, "regions and countries with the best medical outcomes have built systems with good access to primary care medicine."

Affordability and cost will be big issues in fall session

When Congress returns to session in September, the silliness about euthanisia and a government take-over of health care will be behind us. Then the debate will begin to focus on practical questions of cost: how to pay for a plan that would make health insurance affordable for American families that don't have coverage now and have precious little to contribute to insurance premiums.

Cost of insurance rising five times faster than incomes

Want to know why your wages haven't been increasing?  Look at the cost of health insurance.  According to a study by Families USA, between 2000 and 2009, the cost of family health insurance provided by Pennsylvania employers jumped by 95 percent - from $6,721 to $13,116 annually. During that same period, median earnings for a Pennsylvania employee grew by only 17.5 percent - from $24,834 to $29,188.

"The Health Reform Bill is the Flashpoint"

What have we learned over the course of the past two weeks about support for health care reform?

York Town Hall Meetings Endorse Health Reform

Emotions ran high in two town hall meetings held August 5th in York. Although opponents of reform made the most noise, a majority of participants indicated their support for national health reform.

The meetings, hosted by York Representative Eugene DePasquale and Montgomery County Representative Josh Shapiro, focused on gathering input from area residents on the health care legislation moving through Congress. Shapiro promised to forward the results of the meeting to the White House.