1,800 Keystoners urge Congress to reform health care

Supporters of national health reform, including nearly 1,800 individuals from across Pennsylvania, rallied in Washington, D.C. June 25th.

Health Care for America Now (HCAN) organized the event, which drew an estimated crowd of 10,000.

PHAN activists from Pittsburgh, Erie, Harrisburg, Allentown, and the greater Philadelphia area participated in the rally and also visited the offices of congressman Paul Kanjorski, Charlie Dent, Patrick Murphy and Chris Carney. 

President Obama answers health reform questions

On June 15th, President Obama gave a major speech to the American Medical Association in which he laid out his vision for health care reforms.

Following are excerpts from that speech.

"To say it as plainly as I can, health care reform is the single most important thing we can do for America's long-term fiscal health. That is a fact."  

PA premiums soar as insurers face less competition

Opponents of a public health insurance option for people shopping for health insurance claim it would destroy the competition within the health insurance industry.

Paul Krugman, Nobel-winning economist, asks: "What competition?"

Writing in his blog at the New York Times, Krugman states:  "While the opponents of a private plan say that they’re trying to defend market competition, what they’re actually doing is defending lucrative local monopolies."

PA House to vote on rate protection for small business

Health insurance rate protections enjoyed by employers in 48 other states are moving through the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. House Bill 746, authored by Rep. Tony DeLuca (Allegheny County), is expected to be brought to the House floor for final passage soon.

Americans strongly support public insurance plan

A government-administered health insurance plan - something like Medicare for those under 65 - is supported by 72 percent of the American people. 

This strong support is reported in the June 21 issue of the New York Times and is based on the latest New York Times/CBS poll.