Affordable Care Act Makes IUDs More Affordable for Women

Study Finds Lower Out-of-Pocket Costs and Expanded Access to LARCs

By Emily A. Eckert

New Poll Results Show that Voters Believe “ACA is Here to Stay” and Want 
Elected Officials to Improve the Law, Not Repeal It

A new survey released today shows that the majority of likely voters in five key battleground states – Florida, Nevada, Ohio, Virginia and Pennsylvania – believe the Affordable Care Act is here to stay (64%) and that elected officials should work to improve the law rather than repeal it (71%).

Protect Medicare Access Project: Calling on UPMC Board to Protect Seniors’ Care

When PHAN first heard that UPMC was threatening to cut off more than 182,000 seniors with Highmark Medicare Advantage plans from in-network care, we decided to do what it could to help make sure seniors’ voices were heard.

Protect Medicare Access Project: Protecting Seniors in Our Community

Seniors in Pittsburgh and throughout the region are deeply upset by UPMC’s efforts to deny more than 182,000 people in-network access to care at their local, community hospitals. PHAN is disheartened by UPMC executives’ decisions to sacrifice care for seniors as they wage their war against Highmark.

Value Advocacy Project: Patient Centered Medical Homes and Supportive Housing

by Elizabeth Lurwick; Outreach and Enrollment Specialist