Enrolling Pennsylvania..

Last night's Tuesday Night Policy Call featured Jessica Kendall of Enroll America and Beth Heeb, Executive Director of Consumer Health Coalition who discussed how advocates and community organizations can be helping Pennsylvania to prepare for The Big Day. 

Get Ready for a Break on Health Care Costs:

It's going to be a new day for health care on January 1st, 2014. No more denials for pre-existing conditions. No more getting charged more because you happen to be a woman. And no more financial ruin over health care costs -- thanks, in part to new tax credits under the Affordable Care Act for working and middle-class families to afford coverage. 

The Incredible Impact Yesterday Had

Yesterday was incredible

Hundreds of health care activists came out yesterday in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Erie, State College, Scranton, Lehigh Valley, Delaware County and Bucks County. 

TAKE ACTION! It's a BIG Day for Health Care!

Hundreds of health care advocates are rallying across the state for health care access.

Erie: 10:00 AM
Voices for Independence
1107 Payne Avenue, 16503
RSVP here.

AdultBasic Decision Topic of Tonight's Tuesday Night Policy Call

Kristen Dama, Staff Attorney with Community Legal Services, joined the Tuesday Night Call Series this week to talk to participants about the recent adultBasic ruling.

Also, the Tuesday Night Policy Series will now be live tweeted. Pay attention to hashtag #TNPCS and if you're not already, start following PHAN on twitter @pahealthaccess.