CMS Strikes Worst Parts of Healthy PA, Approves Coverage Expansion

This is big! You called, you wrote, you rallied, and now we know: you were heard. 

CMS (the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) announced today that they will approve Healthy Pennsylvania, but not the Healthy PA Governor Corbett wanted.

In his original proposal, Governor Corbett sought to:

PHAN Is Hiring

Pennsylvania Health Access Network Outreach and Enrollment Specialist


The Pennsylvania Health Access Network (PHAN) is a statewide coalition of organizations working to protect high quality health insurance coverage for individuals and businesses and to expand coverage to the uninsured. PHAN is currently seeking a qualified candidate in the Philadelphia region to help connect individuals with public health insurance programs and the Federal Health Insurance Marketplace through education, outreach and direct one on one support. 

Pennsylvania Becoming an Island of the Uninsured

The evidence is beginning to pile up showing just how much Pennsylvania is losing by failing to expand Medicaid under the Afforadble Care Act.

Ben Nassau: Workforcing the Issue

A new report released today by the Pennsylvania Health Access Network and FamiliesUSA found that of all the people who would be covered if Pennsylvania expanded Medicaid, roughly 60 % of them – around 285,000 people – are active in the workforce. They are the folks who help us every day. Their work is, to quote the report, “critical to the state’s economy.”

Medicaid Expansion Delay Keeps the Doctor Away for Workers

Today, PHAN and Families USA released a report confirming that the majority of Pennsylvanians who would gain coverage under Medicaid Expansion are working -- mostly in the food service industry, retail sales, and office and administrative support.