Citing Impasse with PA House, Senate Rules Committee Charts New Course on Medicaid Expansion

Pennsylvania Senate Rules Committee Chooses New Track for Medicaid Expansion Battle

Harrisburg, PA (July 3, 2013) -- Today, members of the Pennsylvania Senate Rules Committee opted to cease further delay in passing a welfare code bill by accepting the House version of HB 1075, which had been stripped of language requiring Governor Corbett to move forward with an expansion of Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act. 

Antoinette Kraus, Director of the Pennsylvania Health Access Network issued the following statement in response:

JUST IN: House Derails Medicaid Expansion. But the Fight is Not Over!

The Senate passed Medicaid Expansion (with huge bipartisan support, 40-10) in a code bill that accompanies our state budget, and sent the bill back to the House for final approval. Unfortunately, a small minority in the House stripped Medicaid Expansion back out, and blocked efforts to allow all members to vote on it. 

We want to be clear about 2 things:

PHAN Statement on House's Failure to Advance Medicaid Expansion

House Fails to Act on Medicaid Expansion

Harrisburg, PA (July 1, 2013) -- Today, the Pennsylvania House rejected the will of a bipartisan majority in the Senate, and the will of the people by stripping an amendment added by the Senate to enable Pennsylvania to move forward with the expansion of Medicaid, under the Affordable Care Act. 

Antoinette Kraus, Director of the Pennsylvania Health Access Network made the following statement in response to the House's failure to approve Medicaid Expansion: 

With Bipartisan Senate Vote, Medicaid Expansion Victory in Sight

1 more vote and we WIN Medicaid Expansion!

CALL YOUR REP. and tell them to VOTE YES on Medicaid Expansion (House Bill 1075). 

We've fought hard, and it's paid off!

PHAN Issues Statement on Senate Vote to Advance Medicaid Expansion

Full Senate Passes Medicaid Expansion Amendment 

Harrisburg, PA (June 30, 2013) -- Today, the Pennsylvania Senate took the first step in bringing the benefits of Medicaid Expansion -- for families, hospitals, and our economy -- to Pennsylvania. The full Senate voted with bipartisan support to amend the current welfare code to include Medicaid Expansion.