Health Reform 2.0: Transforming America’s Health Care System

In January of 2015, Families USA released an action plan with four key goals and 19 specific proposals to advance today’s health care in order to eliminate disparities in health care. These goals and proposals are meant to ignite a social advocacy movement, and with the recent highlights of King v Burwell and expanded Medicaid in Pennsylvania, now more than ever, we must push for continued improvement of our health care system.

Children's Healthcare: Past Successes & Present Issues

By Emily A. Satifka, Community Health Organizer 

Pennsylvania has an exceptional legacy of expanding access to healthcare to children via former Governor Robert P. Casey.

Report Your Premium Tax Credits

By Elizabeth Lurwick, Outreach and Enrollment Specialist

Millions of consumers received financial assistance (tax credits) to help pay the cost of their marketplace health insurance plan in 2014. In order to remain eligible for these tax credits moving forward, consumers need to report them to the IRS as part of their annual tax filing. Because this was the first year with this new process, some consumers did not complete the process or made a mistake and must take action in order to make sure they can get tax credits for 2016.

Putting a Face to the Numbers: Medical Assistance Success Stories

Consumer Highlight: Benjamin Shank

by Laura Piontkowski

As many of you may know, about 439,000 Pennsylvanians have enrolled in expanded Medicaid since the beginning of 2015.  Expanded Medicaid has helped many uninsured Pennsylvanians get the coverage they need that wasn’t previously available to them.

Farewell PHAN Interns!

Best of Luck to DeShaun and Sabrina!

by Elizabeth Lurwick, Outreach and Enrollment Specialist