CMS Strikes Worst Parts of Healthy PA, Approves Coverage Expansion

This is big! You called, you wrote, you rallied, and now we know: you were heard. 

CMS (the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) announced today that they will approve Healthy Pennsylvania, but not the Healthy PA Governor Corbett wanted.

In his original proposal, Governor Corbett sought to:

  • Impose harsh lockout periods to punish people who couldn't afford to pay by stopping them from getting covered for up to 9 months.You said that wasn't fair. CMS listened. Corbett conceded. 
  • Make your premiums depend on how well you jumped through new bureaucratic hoops to prove you were looking for work (even if you were disabled and couldn't work). You said that was outrageous and unnecessary. CMS listened. Corbett conceded. 

Thanks to you, we are now one step closer to securing health insurance for hundreds of thousands of low-income Pennsylvanians next year.

*That's the good news. The bad news is that Governor Corbett is determined to strip benefits from some as a condition of expanding them to others.

We need to stand strong and tell lawmakers that we will not allow critically important health care benefits to be taken away from the 1.1 million adults enrolled in Pennsylvania's Medicaid program.

We also need you with us to make sure Healthy PA works for the people it's supposed to help. That means making sure premiums are affordable and that people who are newly eligible to enroll don't have to fight through layers of red tape and hassle to get the coverage they deserve.

Help us take the next step in this fight to cover all Pennsylvanians by signing and sharing our petition that says: NO CUTS to benefits.


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