Supreme Court Holds Our Health in Their Hands. What Will Their Decision Mean for You?

For Georgeanne Koehler, the Affordable Care Act means that no more families will have to endure the pain and loss that hers felt after losing their brother, Billy, after he was denied life-saving care because of his pre-existing health condition.

For Stacie Ritter, the Affordable Care Act means that her twin daughters who have been bravely fighting cancer can continue getting the treatments they need to grow and be healthy without the family facing medical bankruptcy over insurance costs. 

And for all of us, the Affordable Care Act means a better, more secure future for our families. One where we -- not big insurance companies -- are in control of our health. 

But all that hangs in the balance, now that the law which gives us so much hope lies in the hands of the Supreme Court. We've come too far to go back now. Too many lives are on the line and this law means too much to all of us to go back to the 'bad old days' of denials, discrimination and despair of rising health care costs. 

So tell us... what does the Affordable Care Act mean for you? The chance to buy health insurance without getting denied or charged more because you've got a pre-existing condition? More money in your pocket thanks to new standards on how big insurers use our premium dollars? Security and peace of mind about what lies ahead?

Tell us what the Affordable Care Act means for you. 

We all benefit from new protections, new choices and more security and control over our health care thanks to the new law. What does the law mean for you?

Millions of Americans will take to the streets after the Supreme Court rules on the Affordable Care Act. In Pennsylvania, we'll be gathering together in communities across the state to send a message that it's time to move forward and protect the health of our families -- regardless of the Court's ruling.

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