Medicaid Expansion


A Huge Opportunity for Pennsylvania Families, Businesses & Hospitals 

Taking advantage of this unparalleled opportunity would allow Pennsylvania to bring health coverage to 500,000 -- 700,000 residents, lowering our uninsured rate by over 50%.

The federal government will pay the majority of the costs. From 2014 -- 2017 the federal government will reimburse states 100% of the costs of coverage; after that the reimbursement rate will slowly go down until it steadies out at 90%. This will bring an additional $43.3 billion in federal funding into Pennsylvania's budget between 2013 -- 2022.

Pennsylvania's state spending on the Medicaid program would only see a modest increase of 1.4% ($250 million per year) between 2013 -- 2022. The significant savings and revenue generated from accepting this opportunity will greatly outweigh the costs.

Read our special report "Making the Right Choice for Pennsylvania: Seizing the Opportunity in the Medicaid Expansion" to learn more about the benefits of extending coverage.

Special Report highlights Economic Benefits of Expanding Medicaid in PA

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