The Affordable Care Act is Here to Stay. Let's Get it Done Right in PA!

Sign the petition to show Governor Corbett and state lawmakers that you support the Affordable Care Act and are committed to seeing it fully implemented here in Pennsylvania. 

State legislators are already looking to do the "bare minimum" when it comes to implementing our new law -- which could jeopardize your care, rob hundreds of thousands of working Pennsylvanians the chance to have secure coverage, and leave the power in the hands of big insurance companies. 

If we want this done right, we're going to have to fight for it! Step one is signing the petition.

What the Affordable Care Act Has Meant for Pennsylvania

Coverage for young adults

91,000 young adults have been able to obtain coverage through their parent’s plan until the age of 26.

Saving seniors money on prescription drugs

In 2011, Seniors in Pennsylvania on Medicare Part D saved on average $662 per person and a total of $156,108,903 from discounts the Affordable Care Act offers people who fall into the ‘donut hole.’ 

Peace of mind for millions

Millions of Pennsylvanians (approximately 2.3 million under the age of 65) have a pre-existing condition and will benefit from protections against discrimination.  

Saving lives

2 people die every day in Pennsylvania, because they do not have access to health insurance.  The Affordable Care Act is projected to save 7,500 Pennsylvanian lives over the next decade.

Free Preventive Care

In 2011, 1,509,076 people with Medicare in Pennsylvania received free preventive services - such as mammograms and colonoscopies - or a free annual wellness visit with their doctor.  236,300 Pennsylvanians with private insurance also gained preventive service coverage with no cost-sharing.  That number is expected to increase dramatically by 2014.

PA Fair Care

4,567 previously uninsured residents of Pennsylvania who were unable to obtain coverage due to a pre-existing condition entered into a new insurance pool designed by the Affordable Care Act to serve as a bridge until 2014, when discrimination for pre-existing conditions in the private marketplace is banned.

More money for our health centers

Pennsylvania’s health centers have received $34.2 million to expand their services.

Policyholders issued rebate check

To ensure health insurance company spend money on actual health care not on CEO bonuses, lobbying, advertising, administrative costs or other line items unrelated to health care, the new health care law requires insurance companies to spend 80% of your premium money on actual care or issue policyholders a rebate check.  Rebates to be issued this year are expected to average $165 for 312,000 Pennsylvania families.

Abusive practices barred

7.4 million Pennsylvanians with private insurance benefit from new protections against abusive practices such as pulling coverage when the consumer needs it most, issuing lifetime and annual limits, and denying coverage for necessary treatment.